Panavision is a leading rental house and manufacturer of high-precision camera systems, lenses, and accessories. Known for revolutionary and progressive technical innovations, Panavision covers all manner of camera equipment from film and digital with the DXL ecosystem to large format, spherical, and anamorphic optics. We combine expert technical knowledge with excellent customer service to deliver an exceptional experience to our clients and help them achieve their vision. Lighting, post-production, and mid-range shoots are also catered to in the wider Panavision Group with companies Panalux, Light Iron, and Direct Digital.

• Cameras: film, digital, and everything in between, our cameras have a history of quality leading technology from the Millennium XL (a standard for film) to the Millennium DXL2. Along with Panavision camera systems, we have an inventory of camera systems from other well-know brands to cover your shoot.

• Lenses: Known for our premium Panavision lenses, we have you and your sensor (even a covered with a series of anamorphic and spherical options, including from other leading brands.

• Grip & Remote Systems: Cranes, dollies, and more are in store on-site for your production needs.

• Technical support: Renowned for our global service and support, sensational staff are available for any questions, trouble-shooting, or inquiries.

• Consumables: On-site is a satellite Panastore, the go-to stop for consumables and accessories with the ability to quickly order in stock from our main London branch.

+44 (0)20 8839 7518

Aerodrome Way, Warner Bros Studios Leavesden, Watford, WD25 7GN