Building 24

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Located opposite L stage, Building 24 includes Workshops 14 to 21, and includes costume space with dye room, and other spaces ideal for construction, props store, costume store or SFX workshops.

Length x WidthArea
Workshop 14 A/B102FT x 92FT14,500FT2
Workshop 1550FT x 92FT7,400FT2
Workshop 1650FT x 92FT7,400FT2
Workshop 1750FT x 92FT7,400FT2
Workshop 1850FT x 92FT7,400FT2
Workshop 1950FT x 92FT7,400FT2
Workshop 20101FT x 92FT14,500FT2
Workshop 2150FT x 92FT7,400FT2
Building 23a135FT x 48FT6,000FT2
All measurements are calculated in accordance with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Property Measurement scheme.