Building 1

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Building 1 consists of 17 versatile office suites totalling 36,000sqft and can accommodate 1 large production or 2 medium sized productions; the building can provide a base that is centrally located and contains the studio café, screening room and multifunction.

Suite 1A1633FT2
Suite 1B2777FT2
Suite 1E3706FT2
Suite 1F2600FT2
Suite 1G1414FT2
Suite 1H1640FT2
Suite 1I2208FT2
Suite 1J2645FT2
Suite 1K1663FT2
Suite 1L2970FT2
Suite 1N2621FT2
Suite 1O3418FT2
Suite 1P1468FT2
Suite 1R581FT2
All measurements are calculated in accordance with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Property Measurement scheme.