The perfect venue for even the most ambitious of sets, WBSL is home to a world-class collection of some of the UK’s largest soundstages and tanks. Spread over approximately 400,000 sq ft, we offer 19 stages ranging in size from 10,800 sq ft to 48,800 sq ft and with heights of up to 50’. You’ll also find two of the largest tanks in Europe, with a 60’ x 60’ filtered and heated indoor tank on D stage and a 250’ x 250’ exterior tank on the backlot. All the space you need to ensure that you’ll never have to compromise your vision.

A Stage23,400 ft22,200 m2
B Stage23400 ft22200 m2
C Stage31200 ft22898 m2
D Stage (Tank)19.1 ft25.8 m2
E Stage33600 ft23145 m2
F Stage36400 ft23400 m2
G Stage33600 ft23145 m2
H Stage18200 ft21720 m2
I Stage18200 ft21720 m2
L Stage48400 ft24496 m2
M Stage35000 ft23250 m2
N Stage17000 ft21580 m2
O Stage17000 ft21580 m2
P Stage35000 ft23250 m2
Q Stage 17000 ft21580 m2
S Stage 17000 ft21580 m2
T Stage35000 ft23250 m2
U Stage24000 ft22230 m2
V Stage24000 ft22230 m2
Exterior Tank62,500 ft25,806 m2