Building 4

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The building provides a range of 24 open-plan offices of either 500 sq ft or 1,000 sq ft, which can be hired individually or together as a set. Along with its modern industrial feel, spiral staircases and balcony entrance, Building 4's close proximity to workshops makes it a popular choice for art departments, although it also suits a variety of other departments.

Workshop Office 1011000FT2
Workshop Office 1021000FT2
Workshop Office 1031000FT2
Workshop Office 104500FT2
Workshop Office 105500FT2
Workshop Office 1061000FT2
Workshop Office 1071000FT2
Workshop Office 1081000FT2
Workshop Office 2011000FT2
Workshop Office 2021000FT2
Workshop Office 2031000FT2
Workshop Office 204500FT2
Workshop Office 205500FT2
Workshop Office 2061000FT2
Workshop Office 2071000FT2
Workshop Office 2081000FT2
All measurements are calculated in accordance with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Property Measurement scheme.
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