Multifunction spaces

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These centrally located spaces include Zones 1-11 which are suitable for a variety of uses, and our Stills Theatre which is a flexible space that can easily adapt to your production's needs.

Length x WidthArea
Zone 1169FT x 62FT11,616FT2
Zone 2127FT x 79FT8,565FT2
Zone 383FT x 73FT8,094FT2
Zone 570FT x 52FT3,855FT2
Zone 660FT x 80FT4,980FT2
Zone 757FT x 54FT2,960FT2
Zone 8A67FT x 66FT5,218FT2
Zone 1096FT x 66FT7,050FT2
Zone 1133FT x 67FT2,205FT2
Stills Theatre43FT x 43FT1,983FT2
All measurements are calculated in accordance with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Property Measurement scheme.