Feature Medical

Feature Medical is a well known name in the Film & TV production industry and a comprehensive medical partner to work with your production.  We provide Unit Medics, Construction/Prep Medics (Studio & Location), Ambulance & Stunt Cover along with additional services such as Travel Health Clinics, private GP callouts and emergency or elective appointments with top consultants across all specialties in London.

Our on-site presence running the Studio Medical Centre at WBSL gives productions the option of subscribing to the Medical Centre on a daily basis to have access to walk-in medical cover and call out cover for medical emergencies for their on-site crew.

Feature Medical has a team of qualified and experienced medics with additional skill sets to provide an unprecedented level of service and by doing more at the point of care, we reduce the need for people to leave site and visit alternative medical facilities; in turn this means less disruption to your production.  We provide a complete medical service from primary care type complaints to serious medical and traumatic emergencies.

For productions we’ve worked with, we’ve provided a full and comprehensive medical service across the production with one of our unit medics looking after cast and crew, then also provided a second unit medic, splinter unit medics, construction medics, location prep medics, stunt rehearsal cover along with ambulances as needed etc.  Our unit medics can deal with both primary care and emergency presenting patients and manages patients through the provision of prescription medications, to more in depth diagnostics such as blood tests if required.  We also have a full private referral system in place for emergency and non-emergency cases.

Our in-house training division is available to provide accredited training from First Aid at Work and Mental Health First Aid to Manual Handling and many other subjects.

Feature Medical is the only partner you would need to work with regarding your medical unit.

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Warner Bros Studios Leavesden, Warner Drive, Watford, WD25 7LP