At WBSL we provide a huge variety of workshop space to support every aspect of your production. Our facilities include over 50 workshop spaces ranging from 3,000 – 15,000 sq ft, positioned close to the stages and suitable for construction, SFX, props and costumes. Our 28,500 sq ft wood mill is a shared facility for construction departments and features a fully-equipped machine room. And we also provide a 115,000 sq ft covered space next to the stages, which is suitable for crowd holding, rehearsals, costumes, props stores and many other uses.

Building 4

Located on the west side, Building 4 is home to Workshops 1 to 8, which includes a spray room and is ideal for construction, props store, costume store, SFX workshops or general storage.

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Building 10

Located on the west side near stages O, N and M, Building 10 incorporates Workshops 9 to 13, and is ideal for construction, props store, costume store or SFX workshops.

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Building 24

Located opposite L stage, Building 24 includes Workshops 14 to 21, and includes costume space with dye room, and other spaces ideal for construction, props store, costume store or SFX workshops.

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Building 25

Located next to P stage, Building 25 incorporates Workshops 22 to 27, featuring ground floor workshop space and mezzanines for offices or additional workshops.

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Multifunction spaces

These centrally located spaces include Zones 1-11 which are suitable for a variety of uses, and our Stills Theatre which is a flexible space that can easily adapt to your production's needs.

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Building 78/79

Located at the entrance to F and G Stages, Buildings 78 and 79 are large workshops, which between them offer almost 9,700 sq ft of space ideal for construction.

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The Mill

The Mill is our large carpentry workshop which can be hired out separately as Mill A and Mill B or as one overall space. Adjacent to the machine shop and other supporting spaces.

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Buildings 33, 34, 37, 38

Located at the entrance to Q and S stages and nearest the extensive studio backlot, Buildings 33, 34, 37 and 38 are large workshops ideal for construction, SFX, action vehicles and offer over 64,500 sq ft space between them.

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