Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers to some questions you might have about our plans.

  • Why is Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden looking to grow?

  • Will there be employment opportunities for local people?

  • What is being proposed?

  • Where will the proposals be located?

  • How will a bigger Studio benefit the local area?

  • What are the timeframes for the proposals?

  • How will the new buildings be designed to reduce visual impact on the skyline and be sympathetic to the surrounding landscapes?

  • I’m concerned about the height of development on the Island Site. How tall will the car park be? How will this be designed to help reduce its visual impact?

  • Backlot activity can be noisy and unattractive. How do you propose to control the use of the new area?

  • How does Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden support the local community?

  • Will there be employment opportunities for local people?

  • Will you support training and apprenticeships opportunities for local people?

  • Will there be opportunities for local businesses to get involved?

  • How will you support local people into careers in the Film and TV industry?

  • Will your plans include improving local green spaces and/or planting any trees and improving local green spaces?

  • What will the visual and environmental impacts be for local residents?

  • What measures will be implemented to reduce congestion on the local roads?

  • Won’t more vehicles mean worse air pollution?

  • Why is a large car park being proposed when we should be reducing car use?

  • If the Island Site car park is to be used out of hours, how will the noise and headlight pollution from cars be reduced?

  • Will you be doing anything to protect local wildlife and their natural habitats?

  • Will you be doing anything to improve public access and stop large groups of dog walkers on the Lower Fields?

  • How environmentally sustainable are the proposals?

  • How can I view and comment on the proposals?

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