Warner Bros. De Lane Lea host a celebration of women in post-production

We were privileged to host our panel and networking event, celebrating all of the amazing women in post production last week.

With Editor & VFX Editor Liyana Mansor, Supervising Sound Editor Nina Hartstone and Post Production Producer Layla Blackman making up the panel, the conversation touched upon their careers to date, the wins and challenges they’ve faced as women in the industry and how we can continue to make the post-production industry more inclusive in the future.

Following the panel, the night continued with a networking event within the De Lane Lea bar, allowing attendees to continue to connect and discuss the points raised within the panel.

Thank you to all who attended.


“I like it when people underestimate me, it gives me room to exceed their expectations”.

Liyana Mansor (Editor & VFX Editor)


“…We all experience imposter syndrome. Bring yourself back down to your skills and remind yourself of your worth”

Nina Hartstone (Supervising Sound Editor)


“If you keep working through today and tomorrow, you’ll eventually make it to the end”

Layla Blackman (Post Production Producer)