The Crown: Season 6

The sixth and final season of the award-winning high-end TV drama The Crown is now available to watch on Netflix. Colour graded by Asa Shoul (who won a BAFTA for his work on the show) and Online Edited by Gareth Parry, the Warner Bros. De Lane Lea Picture team worked closely with the Directors and Emmy-winning Cinematographer Adriano Goldman in a creative collaboration from concept through to finished picture.

We extend huge congratulations to the whole Warner Bros. De Lane Lea Picture team who have worked so hard to bring this special production to life, including:

  • Colourist, Asa Shoul
  • Online Editor, Gareth Garry
  • Post Producer, Louise Stewart
  • Colour Assistant, Stacey Cain
  • Additional Colourist, Tim Drewett
  • Mastering, Sam Soper
  • QC, Mark Wilkinson


We caught up with Asa in the run up to season 6’s release to get a deeper insight into his creative approach and picture workflow across all six seasons of the show. Watch the full video below:

Working on The Crown at WB De Lane Lea


“Working on The Crown was quite a unique experience and has become a template for the way we work.” Asa Shoul, Senior Colourist