We were delighted to be involved with The Media Production & Technology Show in London this year. Doug Cooper, Warner Bros. De Lane Lea Re-Recording Mixer, joined the House of the Dragon Sound team in a special panel discussion at the show where he talked about the importance of team collaboration as well as their approach to the project and the creative process for the mix. The team recently won the 2023 BAFTA Award for Sound: Fiction for their work on the successful Game of Thrones prequel.

“During the mix, we worked closely with the ADR team on the dialogue details, sometimes working with just a word or a syllable to enhance the overall sound. It was a very collaborative process.”

“Dolby Atmos has become the norm in a lot of mixing we do. Shows like House of the Dragon lend themselves well to a Dolby Atmos mix, particularly when you add in the flying dragons! We prep well and check throughout the process to ensure it all folds down to a stereo mix so audiences enjoy the show on TVs and even on their phones.” – Doug Cooper.