Meat Free in the Studio

In support of this year’s Earth Day, we hosted a meat-free day in our Studio Café, providing vegetarian and vegan alternatives to some of the most popular canteen meals. Our pop-up installation included free samples of vegetarian and vegan foods and smoothies, free herbs, and plants for people to take away. The purpose of a meat free day was to raise awareness of the positive environmental impacts that reducing your meat intake can have and to encourage people to simply try something new.

One of our productions on-site named Bimini also celebrated Earth Day partnering with Neptune Sustainability to run their Charity for Churros initiative. The idea behind the initiative is for crew to come on site with donations of dry/tinned foods, toiletries, and clothing for the Watford-based charity New Hope in exchange for some delicious vegan friendly churros.

“…We’re lucky that our productions have responded to this so well. We’ve had so many people pop by with donations and everyone has been on board with this.”
– Victoria Connor (Sustainability Production Assistant)

Overall, the feedback from our Earth day event was positive, with over half of our attendees sharing that they’d be more willing to consider having meat-free days at least once a week following the event. Thank you to all WBSL and Production staff who attended and congratulations to all involved.

Any further questions about reducing your meat intake? Get in touch with The Big Picture team at