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At WBSL we provide a full range of supporting facilities and amenities, from preview theatres and cafés to rehearsal spaces and parking. Whatever your production needs, you'll find it here.


The WBSL Preview Theatre is a 4K Dolby 7.1 screening room, equipped to the highest professional standards and capable of digital and film projection in a variety of formats. Available for hourly or daily hire, both for on-site productions and the broader film industry, it’s ideal for feature screenings, T-VIPS, VFX and daily rushes viewing. With 48 seats and a 7.3m screen, it is also the perfect venue for events and presentations including product launches and publicity events

020 3427 0080

STudio café

Our welcoming café can be hired as a private event space outside studio working hours. With the ability to seat up to 200 people, and in close proximity to catering services and bathrooms, it’s the ideal space for many types of function.

Dressing Rooms

Located in Building 1 above the Studio Café, we provide a set of dressing rooms in L suite, F suite and G suite. L suite consists of 9 ‘star’ dressing rooms overlooking the backlot, each one containing a sofa desk, coffee table, television and en-suite bathroom. The dressing rooms in suites F and G are larger in size and can be easily configured to your specific requirements.


At WBSL you’ll find an excellent variety of on-site parking to cater to productions of any size or nature. The main studio lot incorporates our multi-story car park for use by all production staff and visitors. An additional 300 VIP spaces are available next to the office buidlings, while Leavesden Park provides a two-deck car park. Your production tech vehicles can be parked around the stages, while unit bases are accommodated in the backlot, ensuring adequate space and convenient access.

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